Urban Hope Day 5

Hi, this is Joe.  Today was a restful and fun day with goodbyes and reflection.   I’ll start with my favorite lesson from the week. Urban hope encourages evangelism through being FISHers of men. FISH means using FRIENDLY interaction to INITIATE conversations, listening to people’s STORY and finally sharing the HOPE of the Gospel. I now love forcing myself to be friendly to everyone on the street and all the new friends from Urban Hope and Operation Barnabas.  At the end of the day we said goodbye to the 25 Operation Barnabas friends that I had gotten close to by doing ministry with.

The goal of today was to host a SplashFest block party for kids and to teach the gospel from songs and games.  We learned that it is important to not assume that kids following the rules and memorizing verses have saving faith.  After lunch at an authentic Dominican restaurant, we took a bus to the neighborhood to gather kids and their families to come to the water party. God provided by letting us dodge two thunderstorms and everything was set for the party to begin. Over 200 people from the neighborhood attended! The water party had great OB skits, games, and a Gospel presentation followed by small group discussion with kids.  In my group all three kids claimed to believe in Jesus so I tried to talk with them about what they believed and reinforce assurance in their salvation. After a final soaking the party was over.

There were no problems from the nearby protest that was in the news except for noisy police cars and helicopters.

Thank you for your prayers so far and please pray for safe travels tomorrow.

– Joe


P.S. Due to the lack of WATER at the SplashFest, most of us did not have our phones on us and we don’t have any pictures yet, but will be posting some soon hopefully!


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