Urban Hope Day 4

Hello, from the city of brotherly love! We started off today worshiping the Lord, then sat through a pretty detailed lesson on eastern religions. We covered various sects of Buddhism, Taoism, Animism, Hinduism and Confucius. As the days prior we went over various ideological differences and the best ways to tackle them to share the gospel. There were some neat things we learned to be careful of, for instance, saying born again to someone of eastern belief might mean the same thing to them as saying reincarnation. So it’s important to emphasize the meaning behind what you say.

Armed with our new knowledge we set out for Little Saigon. I had the chance to speak with the waitress and store owner of a Vietnamese restaurant. The owner was Buddhist. Afterwards, we met up with Operation Barnabas in Mifflin park.

They put together a fantastic performance with songs, dancing and puppets for the local kids. I was able to help share the gospel with a couple of 5th and 6th grade boys named Mike and Mark. We met a man cleaning the sidewalk in-front of his home and he was incredibly grateful that someone noticed his efforts. He had been cleaning that sidewalk every day for many years. He said he wanted to get together and buy us coffee next time we we’re in the neighborhood. James Holt took his information and is going to follow up with him. What a great lead!

We ended the day setting up for a block party for all of the local kids and their families. There were raffles and games and a rap concert! Awesome testimonies (Urban Hope has THE BEST testimonies) we’re shared and the people we’re called to love and give their lives to Jesus.

Join us in praying for our brothers and sisters of eastern beliefs in coming to know the love and hope found only in Jesus!




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