Urban Hope Day 3

Jonathan here! I’m writing to you on July 8th.  It seems as though an eternity has past, but also no time at all.  Every day we talk to just about everyone we see.  For those of us that consider ourselves introverts this presents both an interesting challenge and an opportunity to trust in God.

The first day we were split into two groups for outreach.  Today we switched places with the other team, doing what they did yesterday, and had the opportunity to be educated on the basics of the Muslim religion and how to talk with them.  After the morning session we travelled to South Street, which is a hub of food, partying, and shopping.  This is not a particularly Muslim area so we went without the expectation of applying the mornings training, but I guess God thought we should.

We entered an apparel store full of snap-backs, graphic tees, and fancy kicks.  We sought out an attendant to ask for help because one of our team members was looking for a certain kind of hat that was dear to her heart, and that is how God brought us Mohammed.   Probably took me about half an hour to actually learn his name.  He was a young man likely around my age and a semi-committed Muslim.  He told us that visiting the mosque was infrequent, but as we spoke to him his knowledge of Islam became evident.  It was a neat conversation that went on a while but I’ll just give you a low and then a high.  The low was when he spoke of four Christian friends he had in high school.  By the time that they graduated all four of them had converted to Islam.  It is a sobering reminder to us that Islam is not passive in evangelism and how devoted we must be to pursuing those in the church and grounding them in truth.  The high was at the end of the conversation, Mohammed said that because we talked with him and asked him to, he would take some time to read the Bible.

Please pray for Mohammed and his friends who walked away from the faith.  And please pray that God will give us energy to love and serve those around us.




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