Urban Hope Day 2

Hello from Abby Ayulo in Philadelphia! Yesterday we read the passage Acts 8:16-40 which describes the interactions between the Holy Spirit, Philip, and the Ethiopian eunuch. We were given the challenge to, like Philip, listen to the commands of the Holy Spirit and to willingly go and proclaim the Gospel of Christ, even to people who intimidate us. In the morning our team learned about how to interact and show God’s love to the LGBTQ community and applied what we had learned in inner city Philadelphia by meeting and praying with people in the community. A team of about 30 of us ventured out to go share and pray with anyone we encountered.13603309_10154324402289579_8752394359838162348_oOn the train, I had the opportunity to pray for a woman named Lola. Although our time was short, my prayer is that I was able to share the hope of Jesus with her. She seemed encouraged by our talk and I will continue to pray for her to experience the love and hope Jesus provides to a community that experience such hardship. I thank God for the things I am learning and the ways in which I have been able to reach out to people in an urban setting that I would normally not approach. Absolutely God is teaching me and growing my faith and making me look more like Jesus.

Abby Ayulo


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