Fun Day!!

Sorry about the late post–it was a loooong day.

This morning, we (minus the single ladies who are living at the Mack’s) woke up and had breakfast and devotional (together–it was sweet). What a joy to be able to look at the word, and see the truth within it throughout this trip. God’s word is good, and being able to see that, know that, and feel that is just such a blessing and joy!

We met up with the (single) ladies shortly after and got to set up for the all church ‘Fun Day!’

We had the whole rugby field to ourselves, so we had a soccer field and a volleyball court right next to each other.

The whole event was pretty much what it sounds like–a “fun” day. Volleyball, soccer, mini-games, a singing competition. It was amazing. The really fun part about it was that the whole day was one big competition. Every tournament, game, and activity was a part of the big tournament as a whole. And each team was actually a Gospel Community (Grace Orange people read: Home Group)! It was so neat to see groups of people who are involved in each other’s lives playing, competing, and singing together. What a joy!

We also got to help with childcare! (Shoutout to the ladies who spent a lot of their day holding babies and loving on the kiddos!)

If we’re honest, the real highlight for us Americans was the volleyball tournament. John has pretty much been trash talking about our volleyball skills since day 1, so we had a lot of hype to live up to. Thankfully, we succeeded in making out of pool play and into the championship rounds. Our semi-final game was against the Tuks Gospel Community (that somehow recruited some extra help to beat the Americans). We won! On to the championship match against the defending champions: Salvakop!

Tom was our secret weapon. In case you didn’t know, he’s got a stellar serve. 
Doris was a pretty serious referee. 
Jk. She was just staring at Rick the whole time. 


In all seriousness though, today was a beautiful day in which we had the privilege of having fun with the body of Christ. Sometimes it’s the simple times of fun and good conversations that remind us what a joy it is to be a believer. Who else could travel across the world and immediately be welcomed with open arms and receptive hearts like this? What an amazing scene from heaven that we get to be a part of for all of eternity in the future. God is so good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few highlights from the slideshow:
•Someone stole an angel’s voice and put it in Marissa Clark.
•African soccer is a bit (okay a lot) different than the American variety.
•Did we win the volleyball tournament? You’ll have to ask John.

Our time is almost up here, and it’s so bittersweet. We knew we couldn’t stay forever, but there’s something about being here that makes you never want to leave. The constant ministry, the body of believers, and the beautiful culture; they all kind of grab onto you and tell you not to leave. In these last few days, would you lift us up in prayer? We want to be the best guests possible, even in these last few day. We want to finish the work, but physically and spiritually, that God has for us here. Would you join us in praying that we would be able to do that with joy and love, for the sake of Christ and not ourselves?

We love you, and we can’t wait to be home with all of you. We have so many more tales to share, and we hope that you’re excited to hear them. God is good, we are grateful.




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