Away we go!

The Team Assembled! From left to right: Rick Weber, Rachel Weber, Doris Weber, Alyssa Celano, Matthew Ma, Sarah Bush, Bryan Bush, John Bishop, Tom Licata, Judy Licata

~Short Story~
Our whole team arrived at LAX on time AND with passports in hand! We made it through security (relatively) quickly. Praise God! Please keep our team in your prayers as we travel. We are about to board the first leg of our flight to Germany. We are excited and humbled to have this opportunity to go! Thank you for sending us, thank you for supporting us, and please keep us in your prayers!

~Diving Deeper~
We are excited to go, extremely excited. For some us, this will be our first time to South Africa, for others it will be a chance to revisit some dear friends and a church body that has deeply impacted our hearts. We go with the hope of bringing joy, encouragement, and an opportunity for rest to the team of missionaries that is serving in South Africa. Before our trip, our team took part in a class about helping without hurting. To some, it seems like going on a short-term missions trip is the height of the Christian experience. However, we were deeply challenged to take a look at our hearts and realize that when we go to another nation, we are not going to “claim it for Christ” or to “turn an impoverished nation to the Lord.” We go excited at the prospect of preaching the gospel to anyone and everyone that we meet! At the same time, we have to go humbly, realizing that a nation doesn’t come to Christ in a week.

We have purposes for going, both group purposes and individual ones. Ultimately, however, we go with open hearts and minds, realizing that God has His own purposes for each of us as we go. Some of us might be spot on and ‘why we think we’re going’ will perfectly line up with ‘why God is sending us.’ Regardless, we go willingly, excited, and humbled because we know that we could not have made this trip happen on our own. God has orchestrated this team to be together and has given us the resources, time, and ability to go.

Would you continue to support us in prayer as we seek out the will of God for our trip?

Thank you!


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