Meaningful Moments

During our time in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Singapore, we were all so blessed by the friends we spent time with…some old friends and some new friends! The smiles, hugs, meaningful conversations, encouragement offered and received…all of these things we will treasure in our hearts….

Here are some of the many special people we spent time with these past three weeks:
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Kevin, Jill, and Grace Kane…what a huge privilege and joy it was to spend two weeks with them! They love Jesus, and it shows in how they love, care for, and serve others! We are all thankful for them, and hope that we were also an encouragement to them.
Ly Phanny (Lee Puh-knee) Pastor of Battambang Grace Brethren Church.
Pastor Chhom and his wife.
This was our first church service we attended in Siem Reap. And, this was where we first heard our favorite Khmer worship song! We didn’t know the words, but we will never forget the tune. We heard this song several times during our stay in Cambodia…at church and during the youth camp. In fact, it’s running through my head right now 🙂
Vandy and the children she cares for and teaches about Jesus before and after school.
The Cambodian Ministry Partners and their beautiful wives. Each one of them is precious! —

Symean (Simeon) and Nisy (Knee-see)
Chhay (Chai) and Kanha (Con-yuh)
Kakda (cock-duh) and
Chariya (Chah-dee-uh)
Saran (Sa-ron) and Sophanet (Sopa-net)
Samoeun (Sa-moon)
and Channet (Cha-net)
Pov (Po) and Sokvy (Sook-we)
and Seng (Sang)

Vando and Seyla from Asia’s Hope BB2.
We ran into a couple while we were in Ho Chi Minh City who recognized Ed and Simon from their time in Tra Vinh two years ago!! It was a fun reunion!
blogger-image--966901535 blogger-image--1814905428
Pastor Dien and Hang (“Hong”) From the only church in Tra Vinh. She was very kind, and helped us translate with Pastor Dien.
We were able to visit our good friend, Johnny, two times at the Sunrise Cafe!
blogger-image-1471685244 blogger-image--1266838502
Our beautiful friend, Bich (pronounced “Bit”) was such a joy to be with! I wish we could have packed her up and brought her home with us 🙂
blogger-image--704673097 blogger-image--1089362085
This is Nahn (n-yawn) and Chanda…most of you will know him by the name “Sugar Cane Man” 🙂 He and his wife spent the whole morning and half of the afternoon with us. They even invited us to their home!! It was a sweet time with them.
While we were at their house, we were able to meet Chanda’s parents. They spoke no English, and we spoke no Khmer, but that universal language of laughter and a smile worked well for us!
blogger-image--723827297 blogger-image-846759164 blogger-image--132540281
Brian showed Chanda’s father how to use Ed’s camera. It took some time and patience while he tried to understand, but once he did? Wow! Look at that smile!!
blogger-image-1179118463 blogger-image-21747095
Ed’s friend, Hien (He-un), now lives in Australia while she attends University. But, we were thankful to spend some time with her parents, Canh and Loan. We were even able to “meet” Hien over Skype! These are the times that I consider technology to be the biggest blessing. Our friend, Johnny, was kind to help translate for us.
blogger-image--1928840142 blogger-image--1267344664
As soon as we arrived in Tra Vinh, we dropped off our luggage at the hotel, and then headed straight to the sugar can juice stand to see our friend, Ruby. She was busy, but took a few minutes to sit with us. Thankfully, we were able to stop by the next day for a longer visit.
blogger-image-517157367 blogger-image--1394103626
blogger-image--1551026759 blogger-image--699710535
In Singapore, we met and spent time with Ed’s friend, Willie Lie who flew in from Indonesia to see us on our 23 hour stay in the city. With Willy Le were Paul and K.P. We learned about the wonderful ministry Paul is a part of, and were able to encourage Willie Lie in his ministry in Southeast Asia.
We are so very thankful for the love and support of our family and friends back home who have been praying for us and for the work God is doing in Southeast Asia. This trip has been exciting, eye-opening, hard, exhausting, encouraging, and long. I am sure we will be processing everything we have seen, heard, and experienced over the last three weeks for a while after we return home…and each one of us in our own way and time. We can’t wait to share everything with all of you once we have 🙂
Please continue to pray for the church in Cambodia! God bless you!

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