Angkor Wat & a Birthday

It is 11:30pm Monday in Cambodia, which means it’s 9:30am at home. While all of you were sleeping, the Cambodia team had the wonderful privilege of touring Angkor Wat! We are still in the “traveling” and “adjusting to the culture” stage of our journey to Battambang, where we will be serving at a youth camp later this week. Our long term missionaries, Kevin and Jill, along with Chhay, the Director of CASA (Encompass Ministry work in Cambodia) have been so gracious as they have helped us to see and experience the Cambodian way of life. We are all really looking forward to serving with them and the other CMP’s at the youth camp!

We are all a little bit tired from our long journey to Cambodia and busy days, but not even tiredness can overshadow our excitement to be here, and our amazement that God has brought us here!


Brian, Ed, Chhay, Emily, Abbi, Simon, and Michelle just outside the main wall surrounding Angkor Wat.


Simon and Kevin after a long hike up some steep stairs..


Abbi and Emily


15 16

17 18

These stairs were very steep, but the view from up top was spectacular!

19 20

We rode to Angkor Wat in tuk tuks, and I think we should have tuk tuks in California! They are so much fun! Our drivers took us to each temple (we saw three today).


Ed, Brian, Simon, and Chhay



Simon and Ed

24 25 26

I wish these girls could loosen up a bit, and try to have some fun!


Brian – and, yes, he made this face on purpose for the picture, haha!


Brian and Kevin


Kevin and Chhay



Water Buffalo crossed the road right in front us…yes, we moved out of their way!


This monkey was just sitting on the grass enjoying a corn on the cob..


Michelle, Abbi, and Simon

Today this beautiful girl turned 16!
We had a wonderful day at Angkor Wat. Then, celebrated tonight with an ice cream cake at The Blue Pumpkin 🙂
Jill made it extra special by bringing party blowers and silly string!

34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Abbi and the adorable little Grace, who is the sweet granddaughter of Kevin and Jill. We’ve only known her two days, but love her already!


Kevin and Jill Kane

I know this post is long, but with the internet being touchy, I wanted to post as much as possible while I had the opportunity. Our team was able to sit and hear Chhay’s testimony tonight! What an amazing story and testimony to God’s incredible love for Chhay…and all of us! We prayed together…for the camp, all of the youth coming (85 so far!), for the CMPs and their wives, for our hearts to be sensitive and joyful as we serve and encourage them…please pray with us that God would use us mightily, and that we would humbly and obediently do all that He has asked us to do, with joy in our hearts and love for each other. We will be leaving in the morning for Battambang, and are excited to see what He has in store for us! We couldn’t do any of this without God’s grace and your prayer support! Knowing that you all are praying encourages us…thank you, and God bless you!


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