On our way!


We are en route to the airport.  It was a bitter-sweet last morning in the Dominican Republic.

We enjoyed one last awesome time of worship with the Holts and spent a little bit of down time experiencing this beautiful country!  Matthew M. scheduled flex time for this last day, just for us to: finish up any loose ends, have time to pack and clean up and say good-bye, and to play :).

Our “play” destination was Salto de Socoa, a breathtaking waterfall!  This was just a great time for our team to unwind from the jam packed schedule of the last couple of days and to enjoy each other and God’s amazing beauty of this land.  We will get some pictures posted as soon as possible!

As you pray us home.  Please remember:

  • Car rental – with the rental truck having some damages, please pray that there won’t be any delays in turning in the car.
  • Immigration – we would clear immigration quickly and uneventfully in Miami.
  • Connecting Flight – we are taking the last flight out of Miami.  Pray that we won’t have any delays that would cause us not to be able to make the connecting flight back to LAX
  • Sleep/rest – That we will all be able to get some rest on the plane.  Most of us are going back to school tomorrow morning.
  • Health – some of us are not feeling completely well.  Pray that we will not be completely miserable as we travel (or get everyone else sick!).
Sending our love from the Dominican Republic.  See you soon!

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