Romans 8 Shower

One of our main objectives in coming to the Dominican Republic was to encourage and refresh the missionary that we’ve sent out from our church body, the Holts.  James and Rebekah are the directors of the Casa Monte Plata orphanage.  To learn more about their ministry and story, please see their blog here.

Through different conversations that we’ve had with the Holts before we came, it was clear that they were most hungry for some solid English worship time.  We have been praying through the logistics of blocking out some time to creatively immerse them in English worship — through music, the Word, and other avenues.

Tonight, after Youth Group, was one of the worship sessions.  We all joined in singing some old familiar song and taught them “new” songs.  We also surrounded them with the 30 minute Youth Sunday Romans 8 program, where we did a full dramatic reading of the chapter, interspersed with choruses and songs in various portions for emphasis.  Here is the recording, if you would like to hear it again.

James and Rebekah were thoroughly blessed by the time.  Rebekah sent this message to her sister:

Just got back from the “Romans 8 Shower”.  Feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.  So good to be showered in God’s truth, having it sung over us, shouted at us, quietly whispered to us.  Words cannot describe how good that was for our souls.  Praising God for Matthew, for the whole team, and most of all, for God’s incredible sacrificial love that saved, holds, and protects us, and that gives us hope for eternity and great joy today.

Amen, Sister!  So grateful that our God used us to bless you and James as you have blessed so many in the States, and now in the DR.

It is 12:45am.  Lights out.  Good night all!  We will be getting up soon.  Thank you all for praying with us.  We covet each one!


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