Sneak Peak… Our proposed schedule

Sneak Peek… our proposed schedule

Per Matthew:

The chances of this schedule staying like this are approximately 2.7%.  But we at least start off with a target.  And the target is attached.  Parents — this will give you some insight into what we might be doing.

Date          Day                            Times      Activity/Notes                   
2/11/2015 Wednesday Night    8:45 PM    Meet at LAX – TRAVEL
2/11/2015 Wednesday Night    11:45 PM   Take Off from LAX (Am Airlines 384N)

2/12/2015 Thursday Morning    7:29 AM     Land In Miami
2/12/2015 Thursday Morning     9:55 AM    Take Off in Miami (Am Airlines 1465N)
2/12/2015 Thursday Afternoon   1:14 PM     Land in Santo Domingo
2/12/2015 Thursday Afternoon   4:00 PM     Arrive at Camp – Set up Mosquito Nets
2/12/2015 Thursday Afternoon   5:30 PM     Arrive at CMP – Prepare Dinner for CMP
2/12/2015 Thursday Evening     7:00 PM     Dinner
2/12/2015 Thursday Evening     8:00 PM     CMP Devotional
2/12/2015 Thursday Evening     10:30 PM    Bed Time

2/13/2015 Friday Morning  7:00 AM     Wake Up – Work on PROGRAMS
2/13/2015 Friday Morning         9:00 AM     Leave Camp (Be sure to pack lunch)
2/13/2015 Friday Morning  9:30 AM     To Batey to paint/visit (Need to have candy, crafts, songs ready.  Buy apples and oranges at Capital); Group to Work on Speechless Props; Study Hall (if needed)
2/13/2015 Friday Afternoon         4:00 PM Leave Batey – back to Camp
2/13/2015 Friday Afternoon  5:45 PM Dinner
2/13/2015 Friday Evening            6:30 PM Leave Camp
2/13/2015 Friday Evening  7:00 PM Youth Group (Can Youth Group Help Promote Speechless?  We need to make Fliers. Need to plan some activities with youth group.)
2/13/2015 Friday Evening            9:30 PM Worship Time with Holts
2/13/2015 Friday Evening  10:30 PM Head Back to Camp
2/13/2015 Friday Evening  12:00 AM Bed Time

2/14/2015 Saturday Morning      6:30 AM Wake Up (Maybe have time to work on PROGRAMS?)
2/14/2015 Saturday Morning      8:30 AM Head to CMP
2/14/2015 Saturday Morning      9:00 AM Train CMP Kids for Kids Program
2/14/2015 Saturday Morning      10:00 AM Start Kids Program
2/14/2015 Saturday Morning      11:00 AM Prep Lunch for Team
2/14/2015 Saturday Morning      11:30 AM End Kids Program
2/14/2015 Saturday Morning      12:00 PM Eat Lunch
2/14/2015 Saturday Morning      12:45 PM Worship Time with Holts
2/14/2015 Saturday Afternoon      1:45 PM Leave for Park Program (Need Fliers and Candy.)
2/14/2015 Saturday Afternoon      2:00 PM Park Programs/Outreach.
2/14/2015 Saturday Afternoon      4:00 PM Start Preparing for Date Night (May need to have some people go earlier to prep Date Night.)
2/14/2015 Saturday Evening      6:00 PM Date Night
2/14/2015 Saturday Evening      9:00 PM Date Night Ends/Clean Up
2/14/2015 Saturday Evening      11:00 PM Bed Time

2/15/2015 Sunday Morning      6:30 AM Wake Up (Work on Speech Choir and Songs)
2/15/2015 Sunday Morning      8:00 AM Leave for church
2/15/2015 Sunday Morning      8:30 AM Church
2/15/2015 Sunday Afternoon      1:00 PM Lunch
2/15/2015 Sunday Afternoon      1:30 PM Speechless Prep/Invites
2/15/2015 Sunday Evening      7:00 PM Speechless
2/15/2015 Sunday Evening      10:00 PM Return to Camp
2/15/2015 Sunday Evening      11:30 PM Bed Time

2/16/2015 Monday Morning FLEX TIME
2/16/2015 Monday Afternoon       1:30 PM Head to Airport
2/16/2015 Monday Afternoon       5:30 PM Take Off in Santo Domingo (American Airlines 1041N)
2/16/2015 Monday Afternoon       7:00 PM Land In Miami
2/16/2015 Monday Evening       9:00 PM    Take off in Miami (American Airlines 1147N)
2/16/2015Monday Evening      11:55 PMLand at LAX


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