Day 10 ~ Work Projects & AWANA

We began this morning with breakfast at the Mack’s once again. The hospitality that we’ve been shown has been incredible. Bryan Bush led us in a devotional based on Matthew 6:25-34–we were reminded to not be anxious, even (and especially) when there are things going on around us that are out of our control.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. ‘Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.’”
~Matthew 6:33-34~

We began our day being encouraged to renew our trust in God, knowing that He is sovereign over all things. We individually and collectively worked at not being worried about what was going on or changes in plans. With this in mind, we all went to the Baby Home to continue some of the projects we had started on Wednesday and to continue loving on the precious babies.

There were a number of projects going on including tree removal, brick coating, wall building, and counter tiling. It’s such a joy to be able to use some of the gifts that God has blessed us with in order to bless and encourage His body on the other side of the world. Another gift that we were able to give was a fourth laptop. We gave three of the caregivers laptops on Wednesday, but the forth wasn’t there because she got the day off. Today we blessed her with a laptop of her own. She was in tears, filled with gratitude that the Lord had answered her prayer for a laptop. It’s amazing how such a simple gift can mean so much to someone; and to think that God blessed our team with the chance to give it to her, that’s incredible.

Patricia receiving her laptop


Josh getting ready to work


Matthew working on removing a tree




After! They built a wall


They also moved the water heater (which is called a ‘geezer’ here :))


Another before…


And after! (Completed Wednesday – posting late)


The tiles on the wall were one of the many projects


The ladies finished this on Wednesday, but this is a better picture of it


Someone’s having the time of their life. Oh, and there’s a happy baby too


In the afternoon we took off from the Baby Home and went to Awana, leaving a few of the men behind to finish up some projects. We got to teach the kids how to use a gospel bracelet to share the good news of Jesus with their friends and family. We also had the privilege of hearing Bryan Bush teach the kids about God’s power as we see it through creation. Jim & Paula did a great job of leading the game time and most of the team got to share the gospel with at least one group of kids. It’s really amazing how receptive these young ones are to the Word of God.

The Awana kids waiting excitedly


The gospel bracelet we used to teach the kids


Bryan Bush teaching at AWANA


After Awana, we got to enjoy a relaxing evening with the 1Hope team & some delicious pizza. It’s so cool how quickly these people have gone from strangers to family. We are blessed to be received with such open arms. These are some caring, generous, and loving people.

::Looking Forward::
We don’t know exactly what tomorrow will hold. We will be going to a place called Modimolle. Whether we’ll end up doing a children’s program, holding a church-like gathering, doing some door-to-door evangelism–maybe all of the above? God knows. We are trusting that He will guide us so that we will know what it is we need to be doing. Please pray that we would be open to whatever God has for us. Also, pray that we would not be anxious, but that we would trust Him completely.


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