Day 9 ~ Safari & Stone Cradle

Today could be appropriately titled our ‘fun day’. We got to enjoy some of God’s beautiful creation. First through a safari; getting to see some of these animals close-up. And later through a delicious dinner at the Stone Cradle; getting to eat some of these animals after seeing them today.

There isn’t too much to share about the safari other than the fact that it was awesome. Oh, and that we’re very thankful that we got to go on it.

A few people taking a peek outside their windows


Lookout group picture




Sarah & Kayla walking back from the lookout


Some wildlife – so close!


A few wildebeests




Trying to stay out of the rain… mostly


Giraffes bidding us farewell


Unfortunately, we did have some sad news tonight. One of our team members, Doug Roller, had to go home tonight due to a family emergency. We are sad that he won’t be here for the remainder of our trip, but we are thankful that he desires to be a faithful and loving husband who puts his family’s needs before his own desires. Please join us as we pray for safe travels, favorable flight seats, and a quick journey back home.

::Looking Forward::
Tomorrow is planned to be another day at the baby home. We will also get to take part in the AWANA program. Please pray that God would use us in mighty ways, even if it’s through our construction or holding babies.


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