Day 7 ~ Serving & Salvokop

We began this morning with breakfast at the Mack’s house. Matthew led a short devotional teaching about dependance on God from Colossians 1:29. “For this I toil, struggling with all His energy that He powerfully works within me.” We were reminded that we are to work with His strength, not our own–so we set off today seeking to work our hardest fully dependent on Christ for His strength.

Our first stop was City Baptist Church Of Pretoria. City Baptist is a church plant in the inner city planted by Central Baptist Church. We met Pastor Sibusiso who told us about his ministry and the heart he has to reach the neighboring apartment complex. His desire is to see Christ proclaimed and known in the inner city. They have had a lot of great things happen lately–for the first few years of being in their church building, the landlord would not allow them to “advertise” their church to the surrounding neighborhood. Just at the start of this year, the landlord had a change of heart–after watching the church for a number of years, he was happy with what he saw and decided to encourage them to start reaching out to the youth nearby. Pastor Sibusiso was also asked to start leading a bible study for the staff of the building in which they are meeting. God is doing some really cool things here in Pretoria, please continue praying with us for the work that is being done.

Pastor Sibusiso sharing about his ministry


We also got to hear from Newton Chilingulo. Newton is a pastor who is getting ready to plant a church in Malawi, his home country. He and his wife, Vanessa, are in the process of adopting Aya, a little girl–the first to be adopted out of the baby home. They are seeking prayer for the adoption process. They are in the final part of the process–but unfortunately the final papers are taking much longer than they had hoped. Please pray that the process would be expedited, but also that in the mean time, Newton & Vanessa would rely on the Lord and trust in His timing.

After hearing from these men, we split up into two teams. Half of the team stayed at the church to help with some renovations. The other half went with Newton, Randy Clark, and Linda (one of the caregivers at the baby home) to evangelize and encourage in Salvokop.

These three are exemplary joy wearers


Some of the men planning for roof repair


The group that went to evangelize split up into three teams and shared the gospel with a number of people around the township. One of the groups shared with man named Kenny. He had lots of good questions, but wasn’t quite ready to accept Christ as His only Savior. Still, they invited him to the midweek bible study that Mr. Clark hosts at a school in Salvokop. He made it sound like he was excited to go. We are praying that he will be there tomorrow night. Another one of the groups went to visit Claudius. They got to spend time with him and encourage him and his children. He has been working as a security guard, but is hoping to get a different job so that he won’t have to work on Sundays. He is also hoping to be able to move his family back to Zimbabwe (their home county) sometime soon. They also spent some time with a man named Chris, who Mr. Clark has been meeting with and encouraging for a while now. They also encouraged him to come to the bible study. The third team went with Linda to visit many of her friends. They were able to tell these friends the gospel–some of them already went to church, others were not faithful churchgoers, but they all listened attentively.

Kids playing a game of “Jump off this high ledge onto a little mattress”


Some of the ladies from Living Hope Church that joined us in our evangelism


After the time evangelizing and a McDonalds lunch, the team all met back up at the church to continue with the renovations. The ladies eventually went back to the Mack home and enjoyed some time of relaxing and singing worship songs. The men stayed at the church and worked hard on getting this…


To turn into this…


It’s amazing what some supplies and skilled hands can do


There were lots of problems with the glass. It was broken and unsafe for children to be around it. The room behind the class is very loud and busy. There were certain Sundays when TV would be on in one room with a loud crowd, and preaching would be going on in the church’s room. Sibusiso was very thankful for our hard work, but we were honestly just thankful to get to bless him and his church.

This Building has seen better days


We are thankful that we got the chance to help out a bit


After a slight ‘missing key’ confusion, all of the men made it safely back to the Mack’s. We enjoyed dinner and a short time of fellowship before heading off to bed in preparation for what tomorrow holds. It was a great day of serving and witnessing. We are in Africa getting to serve the church of Christ on the other side of the world. We are so blessed.

The guys came up with a new hobby… Laying down on the job!


It really started to catch on


::Looking Forward::

Tomorrow is planning on being another very full day. Lord willing, (please pray for it to not rain) we will be going over to the Baby Home to do a number of projects. Some of the ladies will get to care for the precious babies. Others will be painting a mural, which the staff are very excited about. A few of the men will be going back to the church that we worked at the day before in order to finish up some things–including the last section of the wall. The rest of the men will be working on various projects at the baby home.

After a full day of work, the team will split up into smaller groups to join various “gospel communities” which is their equivalent to a home group.

Please pray that it would not rain. But more importantly that the Lord would be honored in what we say and do no matter what the weather is like. Also, as we join in these small home groups, please pray that we would be able to humble impact those we meet. Thank you so much for you prayers and support. We could not be doing what we are without them.


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