Day 5 ~ Friendship & Fellowship

This morning began with breakfast at the Mack home. The fact that we’ve gotten to wake up each morning to a meal prepared for us has been a real blessing. The hospitality of our hosts has been above and beyond what we could ask for.

After breakfast and a bit of chatting, we got to hear from Josh & Marda Mack. They told us their story and how they ended up in South Africa. They also gave us an update on how their family has been doing. It was great to hear from them and to listen as they shared their lives with us. They shared with us a huge praise:: Their kids are healthy and growing steadily! It was so great to hear from a couple that is so transparent and humble. They are willing and eager to admit their need for more wisdom, more grace, and more love for each of their kids. (They have 9 of them!)

Listening to the Macks share


Next we went to the Union buildings to do some souvenir shopping. Bargaining is a necessity for some, for others it seems more like a sport. We have some hard-core bargainers on our team.



We also got to enjoy a very scenic picnic lunch. The view from the buildings is truly spectacular; so many vibrant colors! Every meal time for us is a great time to get to know someone better, to encourage someone, and to just enjoy hanging out with our team and our contacts. It’s only been a few days, but we’ve made some great friends and have had lots of impactful conversations.

So much green!


Enjoying one another’s company


Our wonderfully prepared lunch!


In the afternoon we were blessed to take part in worshipping our creator with the body that gathers at Living Hope Church. There is such an obvious love and passion for the word of God amidst the congregation. It is such a blessing to know that even on the other side of the world, God is growing in His people a deep desire to know and to follow Him. The music, the preaching, the fellowship, they’re all focused on Christ and His word.

Selfie time with Steve!


Some of the congregation in worship


The worship team!


This evening we enjoyed hanging out with the Macks and the Clarks. The kids played a very energetic game of capture the flag. The adults enjoyed coffee and conversation. As we continue to get to know the Macks, the Clarks (still getting to know them too!), the De Wits, the Horns, the Drews, and the interns (as well as some other great friends :)) we are blessed. These families and friends that we get to serve alongside have hearts for others. They long to see the abandoned come to be cherished. They desire to see this nation of South Africa be transformed from a country filled with the prosperity gospel and other false teachings to a country that loves, lives, and breathes the Word of God. These are some passionate people that God is using and will continue to use in mighty ways.

Looking forward::
We have a full day of ministry planned for tomorrow. After a quick breakfast, we will be going to a township outside of Johannesburg called Katlahong. We are planning on having a late morning/early afternoon full of evangelism. Please pray that the Lord would lead us in our speech and especially in our sharing of the gospel. We also have a children’s program planned that will depend on the weather. Please pray that God would keep the rain away, or if He doesn’t make is stop, that He would lead us to opportunities to love and care for these kids anyway.

Please pray that we would remember this simple fact: We cannot save anyone. Pray that God would remind us not to worry, but to remember that He is in control.


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