Day 4 ~ Evangelism & Rugby

We started this morning by enjoying breakfast at the local Boeremark (A market similar to a swap meet). We had some amazing Vetkoek & Pannekoek.

This is called Vetkoek. It’s basically some deep fried goodness filled with deliciousness


In the afternoon we had the privilege of going out into the community to share the gospel. We paired up with some members of Living Hope Church and split up into two groups. One of the groups went to Jubilee park in Sunnyside. The other went to the Union Buildings. Both of our groups had some great conversations. We found that almost all South African’s will claim to be “Christian.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean a saving faith in Jesus Christ. A lot of conversations began with us sharing the gospel with those we met. We would ask questions like “Do you believe in God?” or “Do you know Jesus?” Those questions would almost always be answered with a “Yes, I believe in God” and “Yes, I know Jesus.” Sadly, as we continued to talk, to ask more questions, to dig deeper; we were met with a lot more question dodging, or simply an admission that they did not know. Questions were not answered with an understanding of the fact that Jesus paid the debt required due to their sins. There seemed to be a lot of general knowledge, but few who could confidently share the reasons behind their faith and few believed in Jesus and Jesus alone.

Even though there are a lot of “Christians” here who are not living in accordance with the word of God, (and are likely not yet saved) we were able to share with them the true gospel. Thankfully, it was not up to us. When it comes down to it, we do the best we can, but only God can change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. By His grace, we were able to encourage a number of believers, as they also encouraged us. We were able to challenge, in a loving way, a number of people who claimed in some way to be a Christian. Also, a few of our teammates had the huge joy of praying with someone to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Jubilee Park


Our team was also very encouraged by some of our South African brothers and sisters. Many of them share the gospel with such boldness that it almost scared some of us. They truly live and speak unashamed of the gospel of Christ. The exact words used by a few of them were “Hello, can we talk with you about the gospel?” No shame, no fear, but simply and boldly proclaiming the truth found in God’s word.

Lunch break


Afterwards we came together at one of our contact’s houses (The Drew’s) for dinner and we had some group time sharing about the afternoon’s evangelism. We were all encouraged by each other’s stories. It is great to be reminded that God truly works through us even though we are a simple group made up of all different ages and life stages.

Group sharing time at the Drew’s


Tonight’s activity was a fun one. We got to go see a real rugby game! For many of us, it was the first time ever seeing a whole game take place, and it was definitely a cool experience. Our local friends were gracious enough to explain how the game works, so we weren’t too confused as to what was happening.

It was a beautiful evening–we’re thankful it didn’t rain!


Some of our crew enjoying the game


::Looking Forward::

If all goes according to schedule, tomorrow should be a pretty relaxed day for our team. We’re planning on getting an update from the Mack’s, doing a little gift shopping, attending church at Living Hope, and fellowshipping with the 1Hope team over dinner.

Even though it might not be the most “jam-packed ministry” day for our team, please pray that God would open doors for good, encouraging conversations. Please pray that we would look for opportunities to serve and to bless the families that we’re staying with; remembering that we are here to serve, not to be served.

Thank you so much for taking the time to hear what’s going on with our team. Your prayers and encouragement are so appreciated.


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