Recap of Days 1-3

It has been a long couple of days. To recap our first two days, we spent about 30 hours traveling, (a small portion of that time sleeping) and lost about 10 hours to the time change.

The simple breakdown of our day today goes like this:
-Wake up on airplane
-Get through customs
-Get picked up at O.R. Tambo by Randy Clark, Josh Mack; and Andre Dewitt
-Drive back to the Mack’s home to be greeted by the rest of the Clarks and Macks
-Breakfast and team meeting (including our South Africa 1hope team)
-Taken to host homes to shower and to clean up–we definitely needed to clean up a bit.
-Go to Awana to lead the kids in games, music, a skit, and a storytime.
-Back to the Mack’s for dinner and some relaxing before calling it a night early.

We had a great time at Awana. It’s always a blessing to see the joy-filled faces of so many young kids as they eagerly listen to teaching from the Word of God.

We’re tired. Please pray for us to have a good night’s sleep tonight.

Our caravan heading away from the airport


A few of our team members performing a skit at AWANA


Sorry for the short post//sleep is in order//. Please keep praying for us.


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