There we go again

Indeed, this is not the first missions team sent to South Africa. This is not the first missions team sent from Grace Church of Orange. This is not the first time that the gospel has been taken to the continent of Africa. This is not a pioneering trip, but this trip is important.

This trip is about taking the ultimate message of hope, joy, love, and life to people who need to hear it. This trip is about the love of Christ being shown to orphans. This trip is about imperfect people going to share the love that they have received with others. This trip may not be unique, it may not be original, it may not be many things, but this trip is about the gospel being spread. This trip is important.

Some might look at this trip and ask “Why go again? Wasn’t once enough? Twice must have been plenty…”

Well, at our first team meeting we got the chance to share with each other why we’re excited to go to South Africa. These are some of the reasons why we want to go:

  • We want to boldly and humbly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We want to see more of God’s power as He works in and through us.
  • We want to bless, encourage, and support the long term missionaries in South Africa.
  • We want to share the love that we have been shown with others.
  • We want to be a part of worship services that give us a glimpse of heaven. Worship services that are filled with people from different nations, tongues, and cultures–all worshipping the same God.
  • We want to be Christ’s hand’s and feet to those who haven’t experienced His care. (and those who need to be reminded of that care)
  • We want to use the gifts that God has given us to serve the Church at large.
  • We want to bring supplies for the Baby Home that is actively caring for orphans.
  • We believe that this trip is what God would have us do. We believe that we are being called to put our time, our energy, and our finances towards this trip.
  • We believe that God will be glorified in us going, so we go joyfully.

This is not an angry argument of defense against those who would deter us from going. Rather, this is a reminder to us and to those who support us why we are going around the world for such a seemingly short time. Because when it comes down to it, this trip isimportant.

[It’s never too early to start praying. If you’re looking for things to pray for, turn each of those bullet points into a prayer request. You will bless our team more than we could know.]