Eight Already??

Today has definitely been a day of mixed feelings…

We got up early and did our finishing touches on the back house and then cleaned and cleaned and cleaned to get ready for the grand opening of the Muphamuzi Baby Home!

Around 9:30, people slowly started trickling in. There were somewhere around 40 friends, church members, neighbors and other visitors that showed up to take part in the opening ceremony 🙂 It was certainly encouraging to see all the hard work of the 1Hope staff (and SO many supporters) come to fruition today! We as a team were all blessed to be a part of the ceremony. Josh Mack talked about adoption and the beautiful symbolism it is for our spiritual adoption 🙂 It was so amazing to be able to be here for this momentous and Christ-exalting occasion! Being here to support these passionate servants of our God is such a privilege(: Especially being witnesses as they see their leap of faith reach the other side, and rest in the peace of His provision and marvelous grace (:

Mark left us today around 1:30 to go to Swaziland. Again, he would be greatly appreciative of all prayers for safety as he travels and works there 🙂

We cannot believe that our trip has come to an end so soon ): There’s definitely a lot of denial and planning to “lose” passports going on. (; But what a week! And what a God!! He is so faithful in provision, so generous in blessing, so sovereign over all! And there’s no better way to end our time here than to worship Him with our South African brothers and sisters 🙂last week when we went to church, almost everyone we met was an anonymous person, it’s so exciting to know that when we go tomorrow, we will worship with friends, brothers and sisters 🙂 God has been so gracious to allow us to come and be a part of so much here, to build relationships, be encouraged by believers and see Christ magnified and glorified!

Dinner at Carnivore restaurant included zebra and crocodile! (: We’ll do our best to get some pictures up soon!

Please pray for the hearts of those who said they would visit Living Hope Church this week, after our park outreach with Newton on Thursday. Also, for the Cornerstone team as they lead Sunday school tomorrow (:

Blessed beyond expectation,
Deborah and Matthew for the team (:


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