Day #7

Plans change, God doesn’t.

We’re excited to almost be done with all of the manual labor for the trip! We finished painting the baby home and are almost done with the caregiver’s house in the back 🙂

After breakfast, Nate started our workday by encouraging is in what God has been teaching him from Matthew 6. What a blessed way to set our minds on Christ’s words – to be anxious for nothing! On this day when we didn’t expect our plans to change, we saw that HE never does. (:

Mark got to interview the Macks today, and was greatly encouraged by the passion and conviction with which Josh spoke. We are all so excited to see the videos of all of the interviews!

Our original plan for today was to work until a little after lunch and then go to the park for a children’s outreach. Due to lots of work, we changed our plans so that a few of us could go to the outreach while the rest kept working. God had other plans though. He decided to send us some cool and refreshing rain which was quite pleasant, but caused the outreach to be cancelled. Our eyes were opened again to the incredible amount of trials these refugees have suffered through the testimony of sweet caregiver Patricia. We all were touched and inspired by her trust and love for the Lord both then and now.

We had a wonderful night of fellowship, worship, and bible study at the flat of Living Hope Church member, Safari. Worlds collide, colors fade, hearts unite in awe and adoration for our glorious Lord (:

We could certainly use some prayer as a team. God has blessed us with great health (for the most part) up until today, that is… Aliyah has a pretty bad ear infection that caused the Kosturas to be unable to participate in our bible study tonight :/ Unfortunately, Josh Bush is not feeling well either, and was also unable to join us. Prayer that they would be healed, and that everyone else would remain healthy would be greatly appreciated. In addition, please keep Mark in your prayers as he is driving to Swaziland tomorrow after the opening ceremony for the baby home. Specifically, he needs prayer for traveling mercies and a fruitful trip 🙂

We’re greatly anticipating getting the baby home completely ready for the grand opening tomorrow afternoon 🙂

All for His glory,
Deborah and Matthew for the team (:


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