Day 5


We were all looking forward to today for various reasons, but I think I can say without a doubt that God exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. Truly His goodness so far surpasses all that we could ask for or even imagine! Every day, as His mercies are renewed towards us, we are reminded of what a glorious God we serve 🙂

A very special privilege was given to Janice, Michelle, Stephanie, and Deborah today – we got to accompany Mark, Newton, Josh, Marda, and two of their daughters on a journey to document Newton’s testimony and the story of Muphamuzi. We were so blessed to be able to visit an orphan home called Door of Hope, and get a glimpse of what the Muphamuzi home might look like in a number of years (: After getting a tour from the woman in charge (who was SO sweet and willing to help the Macks), Mark filmed and interviewed while we got to play with some of the children! 😀 By the time we had to leave we each had a child we wanted to take home.(: It was so heartwarming to see the love of the caregivers, and how they taught the children the truth and joy of Christ. We then got to see the actual door of hope where behind, in the wall, babies can be anonymously dropped off and picked up by an orphanage caregiver, who would take them to safety. Mark also got to film part of Newton’s testimony in the city where he used to live. We also got to visit the home for HIV children where all 3 of the “chocolate” Mack kids came from. Overall, it was an incredible experience for all of us – God is truly Father to the fatherless, and forever faithful to His children through these selfless servants.

The men had another (less interesting, but still) productive day of manual labor. Today’s activities included…

-Cement Mixing & Pouring
-Painting (lots and lots and lots of it)
-Sanding, Dusting, Sealing and Sweeping

In the evening, we were blessed to have dinner with most of the 1hope team 🙂

All-in-all we once again got to see God work in, through, and in spite of us 🙂

So sorry once again for the late post!

Grace and blessings to you all,
-Deborah and Matthew for the team 🙂


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