Day 4!

*So sorry about the late post! There was very little energy and not enough iPod battery to post it earlier. We are all still alive and well though ;)*

Today started early for some and really early for others. Work began at about 6:15 for a few who were doing their best to work before the sun’s heat became a factor. After an hour and a half or so, we all gathered together for breakfast and were blessed to hear Randy’s testimony about how Galatians (especially chapter 5) changed his life in the most important way possible🙂 He encouraged us to find both peace and joy, as spoken of in the fruit of the spirit. Things which will only come in full force when they come from the Author of all true joy and peace, Jesus Christ, our LORD.

This was day two of scraping walls, plastering, damp shielding, painting, and doing other projects for the baby and caregiver homes (: So much thanks to all of you who have been praying for good weather here – it has been wonderful for working and only rained briefly this afternoon (:

Refugee caregiver, Jade, shared part of her testimony at lunch and will finish telling us tomorrow, but Mark got to film her full story later in the day. We can’t wait to hear the rest and see what Mark creates from his interview – it truly is an awesome gift to have such a talented film director on the team to share these South African believers’ stories and exalt God’s sovereign hand in each of their lives!

Tonight was date night for Josh and Marda Mack! which meant pizza party for the rest of us and the kids(; all the children are such blessings in their own ways, and bring such joy (:

Praise the Lord, John is feeling so much better! Thank you all for your prayers! We serve such a powerful Healer (: Please keep little Aliyah in prayer as she has an ear infection that often keeps her up at night – preventing Mike and Sonia from getting enough much needed rest. Also we have tomorrow and Friday to finish preparing both baby and caregiver homes for the open day on Saturday – please pray that we would be able to finish all the necessary projects in such a way that would keep both houses from rain damage as before.

It’s been so overwhelmingly incredible to watch the Lord cover every inch of this trip with His wondrous grace – we simply cannot praise Him enough!
He has brought so many unique individuals together in this team. As different colored tiles are hand-picked to form a mosaic, the Master Artist has unified us in Himself, differences and all (: to the praise of His sovereignty and sufficiency!

With so much gratitude,
Deborah and Matthew on behalf of the team (:


Jade, sharing her touching testimony

| Pouring out the riches of Your glorious grace – Your mercy and Your kindness know no end! |


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