Day 3 :)

Blessed, encouraged, tired, thankful, sore, amazed, full (with delicious food!), humbled and joyful. (:

Those are just a few of the feelings from this intense day of service through manual labor. We’ve been constantly blessed by the amount of joyful service offered to us. While fulfilling our ambition to serve, we have been equally, if not more, blessed by the faithful brothers and sisters in Christ here in South Africa.

Today’s schedule included breakfast and a team meeting, wherein Jeff talked about Romans 12. “Outdo[ing] one another in showing honor” has been one of our many goals for today. God has blessed us with many opportunities to outdo one another 🙂

Some of the opportunities were…

-Scraping off old paint
-Damp shield (to protect the house from water damage)
-Cement Pouring

Our joy has truly been made full in seeing Christ work in and through our wonderful team 🙂We’re greatly anticipating anther day of hard labor tomorrow! Being spent and worn for the sake of the gospel and for the sake of encouraging our brothers and sisters is such a rewarding task 🙂

Mike and Jeff have been so encouraging throughout this trip! We’re so blessed to have such amazing team leaders! Prayer for their continued strength and joyful energy would be greatly appreciated (:

Mark had the blessing of getting to know two fellow believers in Christ today in a very heart-touching way. He was greatly encouraged by what God has done and is doing in their lives. Specifically how God has brought Nixon through a life of trials and brought him to a place where his joy is to know and love Christ and to help others do the same. Claudius (a brother in Christ who suffers from Polio) lives in a shack (pictured below) that is about 15 x 20 feet. The fact that our God is sovereign and has a plan for both Nixon, in his seminary studies, and Cladius, who is struggling to find work, gives hope and peace to all those who hear their stories. Our God truly is a gracious God!

Thank you so much for your gracious and desperately needed prayers! Especially all the prayers for John, who is doing about a thousand times better today than he was yesterday! Also, the weather today was great! Not raining and not too hot 🙂

By His grace and for His glory,
-Deborah and Matthew 🙂




Cladius and his wife


A few of the Mack kiddos 🙂


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