Phillippians 4:13, God of Wonders, and other fun stuff :)

This morning, we had the opportunity to teach Rebekah Holbrook’s class before we leave for the airport 🙂 Here are some pictures at the school:


Kids gathering and getting ready for school…


All lined up for national anthem, morning prayer & announcements…


That’s pretty cool… why don’t we do that in our school???



Awaiting entrance into the classroom 🙂


Last minute prep!

78 79 80 81

It was so much fun teaching the 35 kids that were there :)! We got to teach them Philippians 4:13 (good job, Elizabeth N.!) and to sing God of Wonders (go, Christine!). The highlight was teaching them random vocabulary words and phrases :). The favorites were: I want to pluck a chicken and I want to do a backflip. HA HA HA!!!


Michael tired??? Never!!!

Our flight (Delta #494) is due to leave Santo Domingo at 1:25 pm (9:25 am CA time), flying into JFK at 4:59 pm. At JFK, we go through customs and then fly out on Delta #713, departing at 6:35 pm, arriving into LAX at 10:24 pm. Please pray for us… can’t wait to see you all!!!


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