Worshipping with Brothers and Sisters of Templo Biblico


If you have ever been in a service in a different language, you would understand when we say that the service this morning was LONG 🙂 No… not long in a bad way, just taxing on the brain. It take a lot of concentration for us to catch the few words that we know in Spanish (in Dominican accent), and then to piece things together to figure out what they are all saying!

Despite our mental exhaustion, this morning was amazing!!! The church ordained 2 new elders. Our Girls’ Choir sang during the service. We witnessed several baptisms. The girls wore head coverings. We heard a sermon on Psalm 1 in Spanish. The cistern (the well that we were able to gift the church financially… will get a picture to show you later! Basically, a hole in the ground that provide a water source for the church.) was dedicated. We were all blessed to worship with these brothers and sisters in spirit and in truth!


Final touches on Speechless props


Our pretty, pretty princess…



Some of the youths that will participate in Speechless later today!


This afternoon, we are diligently preparing for Speechless tonight! Boy are we NOT READY!!! We are incorporating 9 Dominican youths into our program :). Please pray that there will be no “technical difficulties” or “wardrobe malfunctions” :). Pray that the Gospel message will be heard clearly and loudly and above all, God will be glorified!!!
Thanks for all your prayers for Date Night last night. We hosted somewhere between 50 and 60 people at the camp where we are staying! We worked hard, served yummy lasagna, the girls sang 6 songs, and played games :).


Love you all! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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