Definitely SPEECHLESS!


God is definitely GREAT and absolutely SOVEREIGN and so very FAITHFUL in answering prayers!!!
Thank you for all of you that have prayed for us tonight! We absolutely needed all the intercessions!!! Speechless went very well. We had a full house… somewhere in the neighborhood of 240 to 250 people. Ma Vie (the lady that took in Nadelly and her brother when she was living in the Hatian batey) was able to come. God even answered our prayers for a pig-sitter for her! There were a few glitches in the presentation… but creative improv (good job, Timothy!) allowed the message to be communicated better than planned :). How cool is that?!? The DR teens integrated perfectly. It was fun for Templo Biblico to see their own in the presentation!
At the end of the day, there were 3 decisions made. Two 10 year-olds and one 16 year-old! Most importantly, God was pleased.
Lord, thank You for a perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

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