Miracle Arrival!

All 28 of us have arrived safely in the DR – luggage and all!!! At 12:47pm Dominican time (8:47am CA time), 26 of us touched down in Santo Domingo. Jill and Ellen to join us shortly after, to complete our team of 28. Currently, we are driving the coast to find sand — a necessary prop for one of the pantomimes :).

Our GOD is truly amazing and worthy of our COMPLETE trust & dependence!!!

When we fretted about the great snow storm hitting New York on Wednesday, God said… TRUST ME. I AM the One that calmed the wind and the waves. I can get you there.

When we anxiously tracked all the cancelled flights going into JFK (a.k.a. “our airport”), God said… TRUST ME. I AM the One that parted the Red Sea. I can get you there.

When we sat helplessly in LAX as we watched the time tick away, thinking about how our hour and 12 minutes delay would shorten our layover to 19 minutes to make our connecting flight, God said… TRUST ME. I AM the Creator of the Universe. I held the sun for Joshua. I can hold the plane in New York. I WILL get you there.

We prayed, the saints in the DR prayed, and you prayed for a miracle. God performed a great miracle!!! Thank You, Lord, for allowing us to be in the DR today! May all our efforts bring glory to You and only You!

Thank you, our dear brothers and sisters, for interceding on our behalf. We covet your prayers for each minute that we are here in the Dominican! May we be productive and put our efforts into doing the most good in the shortest amount of time. May the Gospel be clearly presented through our actions and our words. May lives be impacted because God got us here!

Soli deo gloria!


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