Getting Ready to Leave

In about 48 hours, 28 people from Grace Church will be leaving LAX and heading to the Dominican Republic. The blog will be regularly updated over the next week. So, bookmark this page and check it each day to keep up with the team and pray for what is happening in the D.R.

Our main points of ministry are as follows:
  • Orphanage Outreach
  • Youth Outreach
  • Speechless (a drama presentation that depicts the gospel)
  • Children’s Outreach
  • Manual Labor – including painting, repairing and maintaining a church
Some immediate prayer requests as we prepare to leave:
  1. Much of the team is battling colds and generally not feeling well. Pray for healthy bodies by the time we leave on Wednesday night.
  2. We have a layover in New York on the way to the D.R. Right now, the forecast is calling for snow in New York on Wednesday. Pray that we will not have any significant delays or miss connecting flights.
Rebekah reported today that the people in the church in Monte Plata, Dominican Republic started “giving thanks” today in their prayers. She said that they were thanking God for bringing the team safely to the D.R. – without delay and without losing luggage. They are praying with the expectation that God has already accomplished His will – and so they are thanking Him ahead of time. Kind of a good perspective…
Please be in prayer for the team.

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