So long, Bangkok!

We’re in the lobby at 2, ready to board the mini bus to the airport. Everyone is settling their bills (mini bar had m & m’s and potato chips – sounds like most people took advantage of that!) and saying goodbyes to Tip. She is crying…saying goodbye to her Tsunami friends doesn’t get easier. Off to the airport. I’ve seen some interesting passengers on the roads in Thailand. A Pepsi truck, loaded with crates…with 2 men sitting on top. A motorbike with dad driving, a 2 year old behind, with a 5 year old behind…little fingers barely reaching around to grab dad’s shirt. Pickup trucks full of men. Babies being held anywhere and everywhere, not a car seat in sight. Also noticed an absence of dents on cars – everyone drives VERY aggresively – that really surprises me. Horns honk all the time. At the airport, we head to the ticket counters. Someone has gone to get our tax receipts – there’s a 500 baht tax bill to exit the country. There’s a Burger King in the corner of this airport too but most of us are remembering the food on the airlines and aren’t needing to eat BK again. Exchange baht back into US currency, saving some for souvenirs. We say goodbyes to 2 of our team members who are not coming home yet. Brent and Ted are heading to Cambodia tomorrow and will fly home next Tuesday instead. We leave them and head to immigration to have our visas stamped. Off to the loading area – our flight is leaving on time, at 4:55 p.m. Some of the team found ice cream and is savoring Haagen Daaz. On board the plane is a little empty – we end up with vacant seats all around.


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