Last morning in another country!

Steve, Ryan and I met in the lobby shortly after 9. Decided to go shop together. Hailed a taxi and headed to the Computer Center that Tip had told us about. We were walking in the building about 9:40 and suddenly I realized a security guard was talking to Ryan and walking him back to the door. I yelled for Steve – I thought Ryan had set off an alarm or something. We finally understood that he was saying it didn’t open until 10. (The store is 4 stories tall and there were people everywhere – maybe it’s just closed to Americans?) We left and decided to stroll the street vendors. Everyone must eat out in Thailand ’cause there is food everywhere! It lines both sides of the sidewalk – way more congested than New York sidewalks. We did both sides of the street and then found an alleyway loaded with more shops. All the booths here are maybe 8′ wide and some are very long and skinny. All clothing…I have daughters who would have gone wild here. Eventually we found our way inside a store – 5 stories tall and maybe 60-75 little booths per floor. The a/c was working fine here so we covered every floor. We all came out with bags – clothing is so cheap – I can’t imagine what Thai people think when they come to the US! Bought 2 of those light skirts everyone is wearing this season – 300 baht for both – that works out to just under $8 for 2 skirts! We thought maybe we’d found the garmet district or something similar. One observation – there are NO baby strollers anywhere. A few people are carrying babies but those are few and far between. Children are not taken shopping? My backpack is full with the purchases Ryan and I have made so we head to the computer center. Again, mega store…several levels. We are descended upon by the vultures (feels like a car lot at home) and just shake our heads “no” and ask about ipods. (One of the Thai girls told us that they’re very cheap here.) We finally hear “third floor” and head that way. Walk through several shops and finally I see boxes for ipods. There are mp3 players everywhere but I’m only interested in these. Until I hear the prices. Considerably more money than at home. I go to other shops and hear the same thing. (I wonder if we were Thai, whould it have been different?) We’ve been told to bargain but I can’t see purchasing these unless they come down by half. Oh well… Ryan and I are shopped out – I think Steve still had more in him but he hails a cab and we head back to the hotel for packing.


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