Homeward bound

Bangkok to Taipei, a short layover, more goodbyes to the 7 teammates who are flying to San Francisco, and back on the plane. I have an empty seat and I’m right behind Steve for this leg of the journey. My seatmate is from Australia and is coming to America to babysit her grandkids for the summer – she’s heading to St. Louis, Kansas and will have to spend the night in LA since flights didn’t work in her favor. We settle in for this flight – here’s where we will land at home before we’ve taken off. Departing Taipei at 10:50 p.m. and landing at 7:45 p.m., all on Thursday. The flight is less than 11 hours long. Lots of movies, lots of food…we touch down 45 minutes early and sit on the runway for awhile. Steve passes me his phone and I reach Alan – my family is all at the airport already! We grab our luggage, say goodbye to the rest of the team, go through customs in a flash, and head for the terminal. I forgot how many people line the ramp area! Feels like a parade. I hear “mommy!” and see Kelsey and Jenna right away. Now I can’t wait to get to them – it felt like forever until I could turn the corner and push the crowd to the side. Ryan and Steve were right behind me. These are the most special people in the world to me – a hug has never felt better! Why does “home” feel so good?


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