It’s Kelsey again! Here’s a copy of the e-mail i just got from my mom!

We’re at the airport in Phuket, waiting to fly to Bangkok.  Just found a Burger King so the entire team stuffed themselves on food that had no rice in it.  🙂

Saw three elephants in a yard on the way down.  Too fun.

We have the rest of today in Bangkok, and half a day tomorrow before we head to the airport and begin our trip home.  We just discovered that 90% of the team is flying with us to LAX so Steve, Ryan and I will have company.  🙂

The whole trip has gone smoothly, no major injuries from anyone – a few bug bites, a few bandaids, but nothing like it could have been.  The Thai carpenter came to the Lord yesterday, and one of the Burmese men who lives behind our “suburb” bungalow was led to the Lord the day before.  True lifestyle evangelism.  They saw, they observed, they desired.  Awesome.

We think it has been about 20 degees cooler than when the March crew was here, but more humid.  I was prepared for much worse temperature wise.  We are all ready for the hotel in Bangkok tonight – a shower with hot water sounds like such sinful luxury – we can’t wait.”


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