Last day on the island

There’s been some problems in the morning with the other bungalows. Not everyone gets to the bus on time and the driver doesn’t wait. We had to go back this morning for Ted, Brenden, Andy and Scott. They were all set to hop on moto-taxis when we returned. I think they were disappointed! The morning seemed to go in slow motion – they only got 3 more rows of siding put on, it poured…but after lunch, it seemed EVERYONE came alive and started really working. I was on “chistle detail” most of the afternoon – the shutters and the windows had to have spots removed so the hinges would fit. 14 windows per house, 2 shutters per window…sawdust and splinters everywhere! Ryan (from China), Jason and I scrambled to get 4 windows complete – @ 5:30, they took them upstairs to try and get them nailed into place. Brent was on the roof, finishing the shingles. Mike was directing cleanup from the second floor. Everyone was pulled off of working on the second house today – it’s completely framed and the main roof posts are up but that’s where it sits. Wood shortage and man power was a little too divided to accomplish as much as we wanted to. We really finished at 6:30, took some group shots in front of the house and hurried to the boats. Steve’s boat had several folks diving off and swimming while their driver searched for their rudder in the muck. Esther jumped off her boat and swam over to ours. The water was really warm – Steve even went in, levi’s and all! Most of the ride back was under darkness – lightning behind all the islands, the moon was shining overhead – it was beautiful. Last meal at the restaurant – Mike thanked all of us and sent us on our way. Pickup tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. to head to Phuket – it’s about a 2 hour bus ride. Our flight out is at 1 p.m. to Bangkok. We’ve all been told that there is a Burger King at the Phuket Airport – the thought of a meal with no rice sounds wonderful!


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