How can it be Monday?

The final words Ted said last night were “fast breakfast and to the docks”…well, the sky opened up as we were eating breakfast and poured. We sat after we ate and Bob led us in a devotional and a prayer time. Rain ended and we headed out. Someone was fishing from our boat and cuaght a barracuda! He caught something else too but it snapped the lure off and escaped. We planed the boards for Som’s house this morning. It poured again and we all huddled under the tarps that were hung to protect the wood and the planer. It cooled the air quite a bit and ended fairly quickly. Scott replaced Jason as the master planer (Jason has been dying to get to work on the house) and we worked most of the day together. Framing is 3/4 done on the second house, the roof is mostly framed on the first house and the siding is going up on two sides of the first house. Ryan, Micah and Andy were “gecko-ing” during the afternoon – poor thing lost its tail at one point. Energy is low…we’re not going to be able to finish the houses – another team is coming next Monday – but it’s hard to not finish!


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