Church on the island

8 a.m. is a nice time to start the day šŸ™‚ We ate a leisurely breakfast and went to the dock. Lek’s wife joined us. Her name is pronounced “Aun tea knit”. Today is the third time she has gone to the island since the Tsunami. She sat with me, Ron and Vivian on the boat. I was putting on sunscreen and she put her hand out for some. I was happy to oblige. Gave her a glob, thinking she was going to put it on her. Oh no…she slathered it all over me. She enjoyed herself – Ron, Vivian and I were laughing so hard – a true Kodak moment that is not on film. She decided where I needed more and just attacked me. Ron was laughing so hard…but did manage to scoot back a plank or two so she couldn’t attack him next. No modesty there, let me tell you! It was very sweet. She smiled all day long. We were right to their new house and sat underneath for the first church service on the island. We’d sing a song in english, and the Thai would sing a song in Thai. Boy (one of the crusade staff) shared, Tip translated and we celebrated together. Lek & Som (his brother) shared their Tsunami stories – unbelievable. The water was higher than the tips of the coconut trees. Som said the noise, before it hit, sounded like 10 helicopters were landing. Lek climbed a tree to escape it, his wife clung to a tree under water, and Som was on the neighboring island, tending his garden and didn’t know anything had happened until he went back to his boat and saw debris in the water. We didn’t start working until 1:30 and ended at 5:30. The boat ride home was half in the dark. We stopped at the town market and Ted treated all of us to ice cream! Back in the burbs, we gathered for some team time and then Tip went and borrowed a tv/vcr so we could watch footage – she has video from her first trip to the island in January. (This is her 6th trip.) Couldn’t get hookups to work between her camera and the vcr but she had a DVD with personal videos of the Tsunami. I think all of us were speechless. The people had no clue what was coming even as they looked at the horizon and could see the whitecap of the wave as far as the eye could see…they really didn’t know. The first wave wasn’t the real destructive one…it was the second one. We watched 30-45 minutes of it and soberly went off to bed. I tossed and turned most of the night…and prayed.


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