It’s a weekend!

The bus picks us up at 7 each morning. Showering at night, no blow drying of hair, no make-up…my alarm goes off at 6:30 and I finally get out of bed at 6:45. After breakfast, Ted shared a bit with all of us. We prayed and off to the island. Almost made it out of the boat dry today 🙂 At camp, hauled branches and picked up trash…I started feeling really crummy. Sat for an hour or so, then forced myself to go help at the planing spot. Didn’t eat lunch and went and helped plane again until 2. Then I crashed until 4. Thoughts of going home sounded really good – mostly there’s a fear of “how much worse am I going to feel and what is causing this?” I was able to sleep a little (quite a feat when nothing in Thailand has a back on it…and with centipedes and other creatures running around, you really don’t want to sack out on the ground…) and felt 100% better by 4. Went and helped Jason again and we worked until 5:30 and headed home. After dinner, Ryan had a major nose bleed – I’m only telling you this so you can appreciate what happens next. 6’3″, blond, being forced to lie down on the picnic benches for 15 minutes…tissues plastered on his face and blood is still gushing…there were Thais all over him. Girls came out of the woodwork to offer him something, anything…it was quite comical! Steve and I were no help – both of us had cameras clicking “you okay Ryan? Good” Did get a recipe for a “healthy” bug oil from one of our girls who grew up in Peru – a bottle of body oil and you add 1 teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil to that. Really works! After dinner, the bus stopped in town and almost everyone got off to shop for a while. They were going to find rides home somehow. 3 of us went back to ‘the burbs’ – realized that I was craving some alone time – my roomies came home about 45 minutes later. Tomorrow we get to have an extra hour of sleep – the bus isn’t picking us up until 8!


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