Cleaning, creatures… and description of the houses

After breakfast this morning, I borrowed Ted’s cell phone to call home. Agony! But good to call and hear Alan’s voice. On the island, almost all of the lumber had been hauled into camp by the Burmese men. Because of the pirates, everything of value must be locked up every night. Lek’s old house is able to be padlocked so all of the tools are kept there at night. The last few steps of the ladder/staircase were swept away, so the whole process is a little more of a challenge than you might think. The storage bins are heavy – I know there’s 30 hammers, and power tools galore. Bolts and nails, gloves, a small generator, saws…there’s 6 realistic sized crates and then a foot locker with other tools. Seems everyone is always looking for the one tool/gadget we don’t have. 30 measuring tapes and pencils are desperately needed! This morning we moved piles of trash – coconuts “good” – still with milk inside (to feed the horses), and “bad” – no milk (burn ’em!). Crazy! The palm branches have creatures living under them – hermit crabs of all shapes and sizes. Oh, and I should mention the snake. Yeah…the island is coming back to life. I didn’t see it, but heard all about it. It’s dead now. And how about the centipede that stung the doctor on his toe? It’s dead too. Found lots of debris from the Tsunami – pulleys, pots and pans, a roll of gift wrap ribbon… At lunch, most of the group got into the boats and went to the “safe” beach for a little r & r. A few of us stayed behind and continued working. Ron, Vivian and I helped Jason with the planer. I ended up staying there all afternoon. We’re planing all the boards that will be used for the floors in both houses. The piles don’t look any smaller at the end of the day than they did this morning. Why is that?! The houses are coming along. They’re both “houses on stilts”…about 500 square feet per floor. Very simple, one room…lots of windows – 4 on each of three sides and 2 on the side with the door. They’ll have a front porch with stairs, and a kitchen lean-to off the back. Each will have its own outhouse…and they are slightly turned away (the houses, I don’t know about the outhouses!) from each other so they will have some privacy. The idea is the second house would be for a meeting place/guest house…Lek says it belongs to all of us 🙂 One boat stayed late tonight to finish the floor on Lek’s house – the other two left and went home. After dinner, while we were waiting for the last boat, Bob had us do a little interacting. “What do you know about ______?” First chance to get to know who some of the others are – while you’re working, and the power tools are going, and the generator is humming…talking is a bit of a challenge. The mosquitoes won and we retreated to the bus to wait for the the late diners – they arrived safely – not bad for no lights on the hour ride! And the floor is finished on house number one – yea!


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