We’re in the groove now!

Same routine this morning, and we’re hauling a new generator part. The wood pile seemed a little smaller as we walked in…wishful thinking? No! The early birds, (our Burmese friends), have been moving planks and 2 x 4s. I’m glad – the wood hauling was hard work – I’ve got a significant bruise on my shoulder! Vivian and I spent all morning “cleaning house”. So much of the floor from Lek’s home had been swept away from the Tsunami. We worked a quarter of the house at a time, taking everything out. A bunch of the kids dug up wheelbarrows and buckets full of sand and brought them to us. We shoveled, pounded, and leveled that floor. Much of the immediate area surrounding the house had also been swept away so we did the same thing there. Some of the floor needed 12-18″ of sand added. What a difference! When we broke for lunch, Lek kept walking around the floor, smiling. He has the biggest smile I’ve ever seen! Spent most of the afternoon hauling trees to the burn sites. Got real energetic while tossing in a huge cashew branch and fell in with it. Over the laughing, (only thing really hurt was my pride!), you would have heard: “are you okay?!” “yes, but I need help getting out of here!” “are you on fire?” “no, I just need help”. Only in Thailand… When we got back to the mainland, there was a night swap meet/market going on. I was too dead to even look! After we had dinner, Ted gave everyone an hour to go back and shop. Between being tired and dealing with the mosquitoes…yeah, well, Steve and I and a few others went and climbed in the air conditioned bus. (two interesting things – Lek’s wife greeted us as we got back to the mainland tonight – smiles and hugs work in any language. AND our dining place has sodas for 12 baht a piece…Coca-cola baby!!)


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