Traveling…& final destination

The ride from Bangkok south was about 12 hours, including stops. I think we stopped at 2 or 3 outdoor markets that were right along the road. Had lots of little stands – the set up reminded me of Hadley’s but what was being sold reminded me of Lee’s Sandwiches (a deli-ish Vietnamese chain at home). Plastic bags full of things you’d never seen before…most people were being good sports and trying things already. I hunted down some pretzels and some chocolate. (Plenty of time for being a good sport later!) The rest stops are complete with the infamous squatty potties – an experience in and of itself 🙂 Got to the Surin Island National Park area at 6 a.m. We had an hour before breakfast was to be served so we wandered the docks for a while. The fishing boats were returning from their evening trips. Breakfast was fried rice with chicken, soup, and cucumber slices. The Thai students came and sat at all the tables with us – mastering names is a challenge for both sides! Roommates were called out, the bus was boarded and off to our bungalows. We’re at 3 different locations – 2 are in town and 1 isn’t. I’m at the “isn’t”. Half the rooms weren’t ready for us yet so we claimed a room for the girls now and we’ll switch tonight. The rooms at our location (affectionately dubbed “The Suburbs” by us since we’re so far out of town) are nice – okay, we have flush toilets so we think we’re living like royalty. It’s the little things, right?! Plan is to be picked up by the bus @ 11 a.m., go back to the restaurant for lunch and orientation and then head out to the island for a few hours.


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