On the way…

LAX is packed in the Tom Bradley Terminal for red eye flights. So many people…we cleared security with no problem, got our seats and headed “in”. Got to our gate with loads of time ahead and shortly after…it was announced that our gate had been changed. Ryan had gone for a walk so Steve and I just sat and waited – it was still 2 hours until our flight was due to leave. When Ryan returned, we all walked to our gate to see many people coming back – the gate was changing again – welcome to a new culture! Got to our new gate and claimed our seats. Ryan fell asleep! We finally got on board buses and traveled to who knows where? – thought maybe we were driving to Thailand! No idea where this terminal was on LAX property – but there were several remote island terminals where we finally stopped. We ended up leaving an hour late but that must have been figured into the original schedule. China Air is a great airline – we were fed, watered, freshened up…the individual tv’s with your choice of movies, games, shopping @ your fingertips was a nice way to pass the flight – all 12 hours and 46 minutes… Steve had a seatmate who didn’t feel well – thank goodness for airline barf bags! The rest of the team was already in Taipei by the time we got there. 30 total from the US and we’re to join with 20 Thai Campus Crusade for Christ people in Bangkok. Plans as of right now are to fly to Bangkok, rest & shower & eat, then board buses to our final destination. (We’ll fly back at the end instead.) Not planning to sleep on the island as of yet, but flexible is the reigning word for this adventure. (On a side note, our flight from LA to Taipei was overbooked – they were asking for three volunteers to wait for the next flight…the $400 each was tempting…but we knew it would cause major conflicts for the rest of the team.)


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