Evidently, falling asleep on the plane isn’t always a good idea. Somehow I missed the immigration papers that were passed out on the flight – it was a small scramble to locate these once we were on the ground, heading to immigration. I wasn’t the only one – 3 of us missed them. Ted (our leader) finally found some and we were able to sail through immigration. Collected our luggage and went to exchange money. $1 US equals $38.4 Thai baht. Nice and easy to convert in your head… (sigh) A short walk to the bus – it really looks like a 60’s left over – wild colors and designs all over. But veeerrrryyy comfy and the a/c works great! It was about a 20 minute drive to our hotel – the “Gold Orchid”…a little rain, thunder and lightning entertained us along the way. Driving on the other side of the road takes a little adjusting. Motorbikes are everywhere but there are plenty of cars and small trucks zipping along the roads too. At the hotel, we paired off and got rooms for a few hours. Nap, a shower, and another short nap before heading to the dining room. Lots of interesting foods – sushi and their version of pho’ along with many other interesting dishes. Some strawberry looking thing with lots of green spikes – I heard someone call it “furry fruit” – looked like a lichee gel inside. The dining room and the hotel was full of other US college looking kids – they were Campus Crusade from the US, also here to do Tsunami Relief. 3 buses are in the parking lot, waiting to take us to 3 different locations. 100 from the US, and looks like 60 Thai kids. We all boarded the buses at 6 p.m. and headed out to Southern Thailand 🙂


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