All Done for the Night

We are wrapping up for the day.

It has been a long and tiring day for us, especially on just a little bit of sleep (on the airplane).  We are very thankful for a safe trip thus far.  Only one person has vomited, but better now.  Not certain of the cause of the issue… whether from being overly tired, eating something that didn’t agree with the system, motion sickness, a virus, or all of the above, we may not know for sure!

We had a great time with the Casa Monte Plata (aka CMP) kids.  After a traditional American hotdog dinner, we played some American/Dominican games.  The highlight of the evening was singing worship songs (in Spanish!!!) around the campfire!  The elders from the church, the CMP kids, and our team made a beautiful choir.  It is cool to imagine what heaven might be like as we all sing at the top of our lungs in worship to our Lord in different tongues!

After the CMP kids went to bed, we had a team meeting with James and Rebekah to work out details for the rest of the time.  It is always good to have a plan, but we are ready to flex if God has other plans for us :).

It was a good day.  Now, we get to lay down for the first time in over 24 hours.  Everyone is looking forward to being horizontal.

Tomorrow… Painting and leading Youth Group at the Batey.  This Batey is an impoverished Hatain refugee camp located along the river on the outskirts of Monte Plata.  It is the poorest area of Monte Plata.